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Q: What is the CYMAN NFT project?

A: CYMAN is a collection initially composed of 7,777 fully de-constructable NFTs on the Internet Computer Protocol.


Q: Who are the team behind the project?

A: Brad Donovan is the lead artist behind CYMAN with a New Zealand based support crew and technical assistance from the wizards at Toniq Labs.


Q: Launch date?

A: Whitelist purchasing will be available December 15. Anyone can purchase a CYMAN December 17. There will be additional CYMAN drops, feature upgrades and launches in the future for holders of CYMAN NFT's.

Q: CYMAN Sale price?

A: Price will be determined closer to launch. We will update this page as the project develops.


Q: How do I get on the whitelist?
A: Head to our discord, join a guild and stay posted . .


Q: Can I purchase multiple CYMEN?

A: Head to our discord, join a guild and stay posted . .

Q: Which wallet will be used to claim these tokens?

A: Stoic Wallet submission instructions will be communicated to the Whitelist in advance of the drop on December 15.


Q: Where can we trade CYMEN?

A: On NFT marketplace Entrepot at the end of main sale. Main sale will also happen on Entrepot. 

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